Hi, this is my entry for the Ludum Dare 46 game jam.
The game was made in less than 48 hours.  Its about a creature that needs to be kept alive.

Controls: - Up, Down, Left and Right arrow keys.

This is my second game jam game and first Ludum Dare entry! Hopefully it kinda feels complete.  Wish I had time to make it more interesting and add music...

Also, I really should have tested very early the web version as it seems its a bit weird / not working as intended :D

- Godot Game Engine (first time using it in a game jam, in 2017 I experemented a bit and made snake and tetris)

- Affinity Photo and Designer (for the game images)

- Audacity (for the sound effects)

Thank you for trying the game!


KeepitaliveWin.rar 9 MB


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Love the raw nature of this game 😂

Can't wait for the sequel!